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Lemon Kumquate - Passionate blend of tropical fruits, kumquats and zesty lemons.

25% off Lemon Kumquate!
While supplies last.

Family Night - Buttered Popcorn

25% off Family Night!
While supplies last.

Honeydew Melon - Savor the mouth-watering flavor of ripe green melons.

25% off Honeydew Melon
While supplies last.

Butter Nut Bread - Warm and pleasing aroma.

25% off Butter Nut Bread!
While supplies last.

Fresh Apple - Fresh-picked apples, natural, refreshing.

25% off Fresh Apple
While supplies last.

 - Bow Box

20% off Bow Boxes

The perfect "gift"! This beautiful refillable  8 oz. candle comes gift box.

*Refills available in every fragrance.

 - The one that started it all!

The 40 oz. Signature Jar will soon make its departure. 25% off all 40 oz. Signature Jars in all fragrances.
While supplies last.....

Spiced Cake - Spicy gingerbread.

25% off Spiced Cake
While supplies last.

Tropical Rain - A fresh breeze from the islands!

25% Tropical Rain
While supplies last.

Warm Cider - Warm blend of spices kissed with apples.

25% off Warm Cider
While supplies last.

Lemon Poppyseed Cake - Sweet, Lemon Cake

25% off Lemon Poppyseed Cake
While supplies last!

Wine and Roses - Romantic blend with a rich combination of sweetness and tartness.

25% off Wine & Roses!
While supplies last!

Orange Pekoe Tea - The irresistible aroma of fresh-brewed orange pekoe tea.

25% off Orange Pekoe Tea
While supplies last.

Hawaiian Pineapple - The tangy aroma of pineapple with a hint of other exotic fruits.

October Fragrance of the Month- Hawaiian Pineapple
25% off 28 oz. and 12 oz.

Silver Bells - A refreshing blend of cranberries & orange. Grandma's secret recipe!

October Fragrance of the Month-Silver Bells
25% off 28 oz.

Wassail - Robust blend of citrus and spice.

October Fragrance of the Month-Wassail
25% off 28 oz. and 12 oz.

Country Morning - Cinnamon pumpkin spice with a burst of vanilla and nutmeg.

October Tart of the Month-Country Morning
20% off Country Morning Tarts.